WALBUT HOUSE FARM established 2003

Traditional Breeds reared in a Traditional way

Walbut House Farm, Melbourne, York YO42 4RQ

01759 318326         walbut-farm@hotmail.co.uk



30th March 2021




Sorry for not updating the website for a few months.

We sell our Dexter Beef, Traditional Breed Pork, Chickens, Guinea Fowl, Dry Cured Bacon and Eggs pre-orders are welcome. 
 We also have frozen beef, pork etc available at all times, please phone to arrange a visit and to check on current availability.Since the beginning of the Pandemic we  have been opening a Pop-up Butchers at the Farm every Saturday from 10am until 2pm.

 You can either email or phone orders through to be collected at a prearranged time from Friday afternoon. Either phone 01759 318326 or email walbut-farm@hotmail.co.uk

 We deliver orders  to anyone in Melbourne, Seaton Ross, Bielby or Allerthorpe for anyone unable to collect from our Farm. 
Next month we will be at Selby Farmer's Market on Saturday April  and Easingwold Farmer's Market on Wednesday April from 9am until 1pm.
We have some outdoor reared pigs ready now at pork weight to be collected from the Farm or at the Market's we attend, 1/2 pig only £95. Phone to order 07963877914 or 01759 318326
Walbut House Farm is located on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds approximately 4 miles from the market town of Pocklington and 12 miles east of the city of York.

 We specialise in Rare /Traditional Breed Farm Animals kept on our smallholding just outside Melbourne . We also keep Chickens, Guinea Fowl plus Bronze and Black Turkeys for the Christmas market.

Our Pedigree Herd of Dexter Cattle are a hardy breed originating from the west of Ireland. They are known for being dual purpose animals producing Milk and best of all from our point of view, producing delicious Beef. Dexter Beef has a reputation for being rich in flavour, well-marbled and succulent. Recent research by Professor Mike Lee at the University of Bristol has demonstrated that beef from grass-fed cattle contains as much Omega 3 oil as Mackerel.

The small Herd of pigs are made up of Gloucestershire Old Spot, Middle White and Pietrains.( a recent import from Belgium)

Our animals are all fed on grass, hay, and Fodder Beet either grown here or on local Farms. 

We take our animals to a local  family run abbatoir 8 miles away. This means a short last journey for our animals ensuring less stress all round.  It also  reduces food miles




Anyone wishing to visit outside those hours to avoid contact with others please phone and we will arrange a time for you to visit over the weekend 01759 318326.
Anyone wishing to visit outside those hours to avoid contact with others please phone and we will arrange a time for you to visit over the weekend 01759 318326.
Anyone wishing to visit outside those hours to avoid contact with others please phone and we will arrange a time for you to visit over the weekend 01759 318326.

Dexter Cattle


 Our Dexter Cattle are primarily grass fed.  The Dexter does reasonably well on poor pasture. But to grow and mature to their full potential and produce the fantastic flavour they are renowned for they need  access to good quality pasture. All our cattle are kept in smallish groups on well maintained grass fields. Although they could be left out all year we bring them inside from the worst of the Winter weather partly to save the fields but mainly to ensure that our Cattle are getting sufficient food. We supplement the hay and silage grown on the fields we use with locally grown Fodder beet. 
We aim to have fresh beef available every 6 to 8 weeks. E-mails are sent  to our current customers prior to butchering informing them when the next beef will be ready. This enables them to decide which cuts and size of joint they require. If you wish to be included in this list please send an e-mail to walbut-farm@hotmail.co.uk.
The beef carcass is hung on the bone  in a dry Cold-room for 3 weeks to mature before butchering and being despatched or collected from the Farm by our customers. Any meat not sold at the time is frozen to ensure that there is some beef available at all times. The Dexter being a smaller animal provides us with more manageable family sized joints e.g. a 2 bone Fore-rib joint would be approximately 2 kilos and provide sufficient beef to feed 4-5 adults.
Please view our Photo Album which shows various cuts of our Dexter Beef.


Middle White, Gloucestershire Old Spot & Pietrain Pigs

Our pigs live in small groups spending most of their lives outdoors in either a wooded area or a paddock. They are fed on a low protein meal recommended for Traditional Breed Pigs, this is milled for us by Peter Rhodes Feed Services a local company.

Traditional breeds are slow growing and take longer than the modern breeds to mature, this means that their meat has time to develop flavour and texture. We sell pork, sausages and our own dry-cured bacon and hams. The crackling on the pork is to 'die for' !!!!

Weaners are available throughout the year, please contact us for details.



We produce Oven-ready Chickens specially bred for meat and to range outdoors.  These birds who can get to between 3lbs & 8lbs in weight oven-ready. They are fed on locally grown wheat and maize and allowed to range freely in a large orchard. The birds are hung for 2-3 days to allow them to develop a fuller flavour. These are available throughout the year as are our oven-ready-Guinea Fowl which are also a speciality meat strain..

Also for Christmas are our outdoor reared Bronze & Black Turkeys. coming to us as day-olds in late May, they are fed on locally produced corn with access to grass and other vegetation on the Farm. All our Poultry are hand plucked before being hung, 10 days for Turkeys  & 2-3 days for Chickens and Guinea Fowl.

We can deliver Turkeys locally or all birds can be collected from the farm by arrangement.